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Vermont Evaporator Company

Vermont Evaporator Company

Vermont Evaporator CompanyVermont Evaporator CompanyVermont Evaporator Company

Vermont Evaporator Company

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The Vermont Evaporator Company’s Sapling is designed for the backyard sugaring enthusiast with 5 to 50+ taps. The Sapling does not require a sugar house, and, because it comes standard with grill grates, converts to a wood-fired grill year-round.

Although the Sapling is simply designed, it still has the advanced features of more expensive evaporators. The Sapling is a continuous-flow evaporator, meaning that sap is channeled around the pan using dividers via a pressure gradient. This configuration allows syrup to be drawn off and sap to be added without emptying the pan. The continuous flow is more efficient than pre-existing DIY methods, which means more (and lighter!) syrup on more pancakes in less time. (Distribution Territory: Québec)

Product Description

“The Vermont Evaporator Company, LLC, located in Montpelier, Vermont, is a family-owned business that manufactures small, home-scale sap evaporation units for the backyard maple sugaring enthusiast that are easy to use and available at a price point well below the industrial products on the market today. The McCabe Family—Roger, Seamus, Justin, Kate and Elke—celebrated together when production began in their new facility earlier this fall.”



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